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Lewis Regen

Lewis Lee Regen has been passionately studying various forms of healing and martial arts over the years, including Qi Gong and Tai Chi. He is a Certified Qi Gong instructor who has been trained in the Universal Healing Tao System by Taoist Masters Mantak Chia and Lee Holden, learning such practices as The Inner Smile, Healing Sounds, Qi Massage, Fusion of Five Elements, Iron Shirt, Healing Love, Taoist Yoga and Tai Chi Qigong (13 movement 4 direction form).

He currently practices Shaolin Kung Fu, Bagua, Tai Chi Yang Style, Tibetan Heart Yoga and the Dragon Gate Taoist Immortal Meditations.

Lewis is a Certified Massage Therapist specializing in Asian Bodywork Modalities including Thai, Reiki, Medical Qi Gong, Chi Nei Tsang, Acupressure, Polarity Therapy, Swedish and Deep Tissue.

Formerly a student of the University of California Santa Cruz, Lewis now teaches Qi Gong at the campus as well as at the Santa Cruz Chi Center on a regular weekly basis. He has been aired on a local TV Series, “Qi Gong Flow with Lee Holden,” for several seasons and has also traveled to Thailand to study with various Masters and Grand Masters.

Qi Gong Flow ~ Monday and Friday 12:30-1:30
This is a Class suitable for all ages and levels of experience. Qi Gong is the art of harnessing and balancing the unlimited potential of ones life force. Through the ancient wisdom of this tradition we combine Qi awakening exercises, joint mobilization, gentle stretching, graceful flowing movements and powerful standing postures to create a dynamic equilibrium that will leave you feeling empowered, balanced, blissful, recharged and relaxed.
Experience the natural Power and Freedom that lies deep within, as we explore this mystic art together.

 “Qi Gong has been absolutely transformational for me in my life and I want to dedicate my energy to unleashing the Wisdom and Power these Ancient practices carry making it Fun and Effortless for everyone!” ~Lewis Lee Regen