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Dorothy Raftery


Dorothy Raftery is a highly-experienced teacher of Tibetan Heart Yoga, a life-long student of yoga and sacred dance, and a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism and motherhood. She brings a joyous and gentle heart combined with skillful means to her classes and workshops.

Dorothy teaches Tibetian Heart Yoga on Fridays from 9-10am

Class Description: THY brings together the 'outer' methods (physical postures and breath) with the traditional 'inner' methods (ethical living, meditation,philosophical training, and correct worldview) into a powerful synthesis the ancients called "Royal Yoga".


We have a series of nine distinct yoga sessions. Ranging from compassion trainings and asanas to open our hearts, to emptiness and karma teachings (mahamudra), the infinite 4 thoughts maitri, karuna, mudita, upeksha, the kalachakra, partner yogas, and a lineage from a female yogini teaching how to identify and go after your worst mental afflictions. If I have a new student I tend to start with the foundation teaching which is series 1. The yogas give us inner maps to work with and how to do 24 hour yoga!!

If you go to yoga studies institute website( where I trained) you will find course descriptions and more!
I hope this helps. I also have a website as I am also a pilates trainer for 14 years.
Thanks and namaste