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Cypress Health Institute

Cypress excels in teaching massage and healing. Students get direct and personal support in learning, practicing and feeling the healing capacity of human touch.

At Cypress, small classes, hands-on instruction and direct healing experiences give you the best education. Respectfully explore, develop and appreciate what you can do now.

Cypress is committed to its students and focuses on professional integrity, personal growth and therapeutic effectiveness. Graduate as a massage therapist of the highest caliber.


Program & Classes

The Therapeutic Massage Program
consists of the following classes

Bodywork: demonstration, practice and theory:

Swedish massage... 46 hours

Swedish practicum... 40 hours

Polarity massage... 46 hours

Polarity practicum... 40 hours

Anatomy: structure and function of the body:

Anatomy... 22 hours

Business practices... 2 hours

Counseling skills... 6 hours

Class description:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Oil work – Integral massage (Swedish and Rocking strokes)
  • Non- oil work – Acupressure, Polarity therapy and Reflexology
  • Counseling skills for body workers
  • Professional business practices

Class meets for 12 weeks on:

  • Saturdays from 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Wednesday evenings from 7 to 10 PM

Classes are held at 21511-B East Cliff Dr. in Santa Cruz

Tuition is $1353.00. Payment by installment plans are available with no finance charges. Discount for couples. Class size is limited.

To register or for more information, call 831-476-2115